This module has several sub modules/features.

    Back To WP Additions

    Adds Templates and Pages menu items under “Back to WP” menu in the Oxygen editor.

    Compact View For Element Buttons

    Makes the buttons for adding elements in the left Add+ panel appear in 3 columns instead of the standard 2.



    Thanks to Yan Fodé Kiara for the idea.

    CSS Tweaks

    Adds the following CSS fixes in the editor:

    • removes the unneeded scrollbars and light gray background for range slider inputs, and vertically centers the color picker circle in Firefox.
    • vertically centers the close icon, increases the width of columns and adds a vertical scrollbar when necessary in the conditions dialog.
    • adds a vertical scrollbar when necessary in the dynamic data dialog.

    Currently Editing

    Adds the name of Template/Page currently being edited in the Oxygen editor.

    You go to the list of Oxygen Templates. You click on one. You click on Edit with Oxygen. You are mesmerized by the user friendliness of the Oxygen controls and go building your site visually while appreciating all the while how awesome the built-in Flexbox engine is. You have finished building a few Sections and then it strikes you “What am I editing exactly?”. Is it the Main Template or is it the Page Template or something else?

    This option adds the name of current Template or Page or any other kind of entry that is currently being edited to the left of Structure button in Oxygen’s editor interface.

    Dropdowns On Hover

    This option makes Media Query, Manage Menu, Back to WP Menu and Select Box dropdowns to appear on hover.

    Note: The select box dropdowns will remain open after an item is clicked. To close it, move your mouse cursor away from the dropdown.

    Expanded Oxygen Toolbar Menus

    Makes the buttons for Settings, Stylesheets, Selectors, Admin and Frontend a single click away.

    To access the Settings, Stylesheets, Selectors links one needs to click on first click on the Manage dropdown.

    Similarly Admin and Frontend links can only be accessed after clicking the Back to WP dropdown out of the box.

    With this option checked, they can be clicked thereby reducing an additional click.



    Thanks to Yan Fodé Kiara for the idea.

    Media Query Buttons

    Replaces the media query dropdown with a row of buttons to avoid multiple clicks.





    Open Back To WP Menu Links In New Tabs

    Makes links under Back to WP Menu like Admin and Frontend buttons to open in a new tab.

    Remove min-width and min-height for empty Divs

    Oxygen sets a minimum width and height of 80px each for Divs that are empty.

    There might be situations when you want to set a height of say 10px for a Div and this option enables you to see it as it should in the Oxygen editor similar to how it looks in the front end.

    Note: With this option enabled you might have to select the Div via the Structure panel to be able to add elements inside it.

    Wider Library Flyout Panel

    The library flyout panel is 300px by default.


    This option doubles it i.e., changes the width to 600px.