This module provides options related to Gutenberg WordPress editor.

    Disable Gutenberg

    This option disables Gutenberg WordPress editor and prevents Gutenberg-related stylesheets from loading on the front end.

    When enabled, all the post types like Post, Page will use the class editor for the WordPress editor.

    There is no need to use other plugins like Disable Gutenberg or Class Editor.

    It returns false to use_block_editor_for_post_type filter and dequeues these styles:

    • wp-block-library (from WordPress core)
    • wp-block-library-theme (from WordPress core)
    • wc-block-style (from WooCommerce)

    Full Width Editor

    This option changes the default width of the Gutenberg editor to fullsize.



    CSS for this has been taken from the Editor Full Width Gutenberg plugin.