This module enables Rank Math SEO plugin for WordPress to parse text inside the Oxygen editor for Pages and Posts. Any parent Template from which the current Page/Template inherits from is also included in the content analysis.

Note: For the updated/correct SEO score that includes the Oxygen editor content to be shown on Page/Post List screen, update the Page/Post.

Sample before and after screenshots can be seen below.



Differences from the version in the repo

Rank Math integration in Oxy Toolbox differs from WPDevDesign – Oxygen – Rank Math Integration in the following ways:

  • The one in Toolbox includes parent template (immediate parent as well as grandparent templates if any) that the current post inherits from in Rank Math’s content analysis. The older version does not.
  • The one in Toolbox makes Rank Math detect and include images from the Oxygen editor in Rank Math’s XML sitemaps under the Images column. The older version does not.
  • The one is Toolbox is actively developed, maintained and supported. The one in the repo may not get any updates.