This module generates automatic meta description from Oxygen Builder content when SEOPress is active.

Meta description text can be changed on a post basis. It is recommended to review and manually adjust this text so it is better/more readable for your site visitors.

Note: This module is only for convenience and merely adds the code from this page which you can otherwise also do using Code Snippets plugin or My Custom Functionality.



Enabling the module alone is NOT sufficient for automatically filling/generating the meta description with Oxygen content. You need to follow these steps:

Step 1

In your WordPress admin, go to SEO > Titles & Metas > Single Post Types.

Add %%oxygen%% next to %%post_excerpt%% separated by a space for the post types that you edit (build) with Oxygen. These are typically Pages.

Step 2

Enable the module in Oxy Toolbox settings.

Click Save Changes.

Update on March 24, 2021

Using pre_get_posts code in a Code Block above Easy Posts/Repeater in Oxygen with this module enabled or the code from SEOPress documentation running as a code snippet will break the site resulting in a critical error. For a possible resolution into this, you may want to contact SEOPress support.