Oxy Undo lets you undo and redo user actions in Oxygen.

This module adds Undo and Redo buttons to the right of + Add button in the Oxygen builder. Also lets you automatically save your work in the Oxygen editor.

Oxy Undo buttons in Oxygen editor

Provides these keyboard shortcuts (can be disabled in the settings):

Undo: ctrl+z (Windows) / cmd+z (macOS)
Redo: ctrl+y or ctrl+shift+z (Windows) / cmd+y or cmd+shift+z (macOS)

A Few Use Cases

  • Undoing moving elements around in the Structure Panel or accidental drag and drop actions in the main center frame.
  • Undoing the action of linking a selected text in Text component.
  • Recovering the text deleted from components like Text and Progress Bar which is otherwise not possible.
  • Creating re-usable parts from an element and continue to edit the element by immediately pressing the Undo button. The reusable part can be found in the Templates list.
  • Recovering an accidental deletion of a condition.
  • Undoing values entered for the properties in the controls for the selected component.

and many more.

Users can set the maximum number of undo/redo steps that the module should keep track of in the plugin’s settings page.

Autosaving (disabled by default) can be set to run every few minutes.

A special feature called “Smart Autosave” ensures that saving happens only when there is no mouse or keyboard activity after the specified time interval.

Video Overview

Note: The above video is for the plugin version before it was included as a module in Oxy Toolbox.