WordPress module in Oxy Toolbox

    Disable Admin Email Check

    WordPress shows admin email verification screen every six months.

    This option disables this periodic checking by WordPress asking the admins if their email is still valid thus preventing redirection to the admin email confirmation screen.

    Disable Auto-update UI Elements

    This option disables auto-update user interface elements for plugins and themes.



    Note: This does not disable auto-updates. It only hides the user interface elements.

    Disable Auto-update Emails

    This option disables sending of emails following an automatic background plugin or theme update.

    Disable Core Sitemaps

    Many users are likely to already be using a SEO plugin like Yoast, Rank Math, Slim SEO, SEOPress. These SEO plugins already include XML sitemap (these are mainly for search engines) generation and hence you might want to disable the sitemaps included by WordPress out of the box using this option in Oxy Toolbox.

    Disable Sitemap Generation for Oxygen Templates

    If you not using a SEO plugin (with its built-in sitemap generation feature) and instead want to use WordPress’ sitemaps feature, this option disables Oxygen’s ct_template post type since it is not meant to be public.

    This is equivalent to implementing this tutorial.

    Disable XML-RPC

    This module disables XML-RPC methods that require authentication.

    This is equivalent to using this plugin. More info.

    Disable Year Month Folders for Uploads

    By default, WordPress organizes media in the Library by year folders and inside that month (number) folders. This option disables this and makes all the media be upload in a flat directory structure in /wp-content/uploads.

    Remove Help

    This option removes the top Help tab (see screenshot below) for everyone but the admin or users with the manage_options capability.

    Remove Screen Options

    This option removes the Screen Options tab (see screenshot below) for everyone but the admin or users with the manage_options capability.