This module enables HTML5 support for elements like the search form and adds (what we consider to be) some essential CSS – for example, to make all the images responsive when using the Oxygen visual site builder.


  1. Enables HTML5 support for comment list, comment form, search form, gallery and caption elements.
  2. Adds some CSS from Modern CSS Reset for
    • setting a min-height of 100vh for the body element.
    • removing default padding, default margin and list styles on ul and ol elements that have a class set.
    • inheriting font rules for inputs and buttons.
    • removing all animations and transitions for people that prefer not to see them via prefers-reduced-motion.
  3. Adds CSS for
    • adding a class called dont-break-out for forcing line breaks, hyphenation etc.
    • making all images responsive and setting their vertical-align to top so they don’t take up an extra pixel space at the bottom.
    • WordPress image alignment classes. This is useful for wrapping text around images in Oxygen.
    • making the admin bar sub menu items visible when using fixed header in Oxygen.
    • making label elements visible. Oxygen, for some strange reason, seems to set their display to none.
    • handling screen reader text for form labels when HTML5 output is enabled (which this plugin does).
    • aligning search form’s input and button side-by-side and changing header search form’s input width to auto from 100%.


1) How to unset max-width: 100% setting for img elements?

Add this in a Stylesheet at Manage > Stylesheets in the Oxygen editor:

img {
  max-width: none;