This module lets you navigate to different areas of your site by adding quick links in the WordPress admin toolbar like Templates and Pages for directly editing with Oxygen.

Video walkthrough:

(shows an older version)

The toolbar menus have a maximum height of 90vh and a vertical scroll bar will appear when necessary.

    “New” Admin Bar Menu Additions

    Enabling this option will add the following under the built-in “New” admin bar menu item:

    Pages (edit with WP)

    When enabled, Pages admin bar menu item will appear having a submenu with links to view all Pages and to edit or view individual Pages.

    The view icon links open in a new tab.

    The list of Pages appears in alphabetical order.

    Posts (edit with WP)

    This is similar to Pages option above but for Posts.

    Published dates can be seen next to the post titles in the dropdown. Also, posts will appear in descending order of published date i.e., the latest at the top.

    Products (edit with WP)

    This option adds Products menu item in the WP admin toolbar having a submenu that lists the available WooCommerce products with each linking to the corresponding product edit page.

    Price will appear next to the product titles.

    The view icon links open in a new tab.

    This option will only appear if WooCommerce is installed and activated.


    This option adds Plugins menu item in the WordPress admin bar with the submenu having quick jump links to all the plugins, active plugins, inactive plugins, recently active, plugins that have auto-updates enabled, plugins that have auto-updates disabled, Add New and Upload Plugin.

    Templates (edit with Oxygen)

    The top-level Templates admin bar menu item (with Oxygen icon) links to corresponding listing pages in the WordPress admin.

    Links in the submenu open the Template or Page directly with Oxygen editor.

    An icon to directly start editing in a new tab appears when a link is hovered.

    Pages (edit with Oxygen)

    This is similar to the above option but for Pages instead of Templates.

    The top-level admin bar menu item links to the Pages list admin screen.

    The submenu lists all the Pages with links to edit (in the same tab or a new tab) the clicked item directly with Oxygen.


    This option adds links from the left side Oxygen admin menu in the toolbar.

    OxyExtras (if active) will appear under the Oxygen menu in the admin bar.

    Stylesheets Editor (if enabled in Oxy Toolbox settings) will appear in the submenu.

    Update in v1.2: Oxygen’s “Edit with Oxygen” or “Edit <Template>” has been moved to under the Oxygen admin bar menu.

    ACF Field Groups

    This option adds ACF menu item in the admin toolbar having a sub menu that lists the available ACF field groups with each linking to the corresponding group.

    Needless to say, this option will only appear if ACF is installed and activated.

    Advanced Scripts

    Adds “Advanced Scripts” top-level WP admin bar option which links to Tools > Advanced Scripts.

    This option will become available only when ERROPiX Advanced Scripts plugin is active.

    Fluent Forms’ Forms

    This option adds Fluent Forms menu item in the admin toolbar having a sub menu that lists the available forms with each linking to the corresponding form.

    Each form title has a further sub menu having links to manage the form.

    This option will only appear if Fluent Forms is installed and activated.

    Admin Bar in Oxygen Editor

    Enabling this option will show the admin bar in the Oxygen editor as well.